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The Thoughts and Feelings of a Queen
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31st-Dec-2020 09:44 pm - Friends Only

My thoughts and feelings are for Friends Only.Comment to be added.

15th-Dec-2011 06:48 am - I've Moved!!!
To blogspot, be sure to follow me there

26th-Nov-2009 12:15 am - I'm back!!!!
Oh man it feels so good to have a laptop. It feels even better to have a laptop with the internet. What have I missed? I have so much to talk about and so many pictures to share that I dont even know where to start. I am going to make a journal and call it "Catch Up" lol Gotta put little man to sleep now, so I'll write "Catch Up" when he's sleep.
17th-Mar-2009 10:44 pm(no subject)
An alterior motive is hard to see when you become acustomed to a person's ways...
5th-Nov-2008 06:07 pm - We Did It Baby
Oh yes we can! We have the first ever black president,and boy ol boy does it feel good

28th-Oct-2008 10:41 am - My Silly Mom Sent Me This...
This is too funny.

I will be voting Nov. 4 for Barack Obama
25th-Sep-2008 04:38 pm - Going Ol Natural!
I've finally made up my mind to go natural. I know I was suppose to do it last year but that creamy crack had me hooked. Now its no more being lyed too. I did a video on natural hair.

I think I did a pretty good job. What made me go natural you may ask. First of all I sat back and thought that I get a perm every month cause of new growth a.k.a napps. So I was thinking damn I'm constantly having new growth and my hair is still ONE inch off my scalp. WTF?? After watching some videos on youtube I read that perms really mess up your hair. Thats why my hair wasnt growing, it was constantly being damaged. It was constantly breaking and having split ends. Well I've said enough. I know I have pretty hair, natural beauty. When I had my son, he was and still is a split image of myself, from complexion to hair. His hair is an arburn red (like moms :p) and its sooo curly, like little spiral curls. Beautiful. He is another reason why I decided to go natural. So far its been

Since I had my last perm and my new growth is so wavy, when I look at an individual strand I see an S-shape curl. I'm so excited. I recommend anybody thats tired of perms to consider going natural. DO IT!!! lol

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6th-May-2008 07:40 pm - I need friends
I need friends on my aim,yahoo, and msn

My ids are


Aim id Swtebnyqueen


Add me and hit me up yall
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